Mexican violoncello player Gustavo Martín has a busy career as chamber musician and educator. He has played in the main Mexican concert halls, as well as in auditoriums in the United States, Canada, Germany, Bulgaria, Italy and Japan. He has recorded 10 albums, focusing on Mexican concert repertoire. Among his records, Canto de Estío, comprising music for cello and guitar and piano by Mexican composers; and Muy cerca, with music for violoncello from Mexico and Brazil, stand out. He has also recorded Mexican music for string quartet (with the String Quartet of Mexico City for Deutsche Welle - Germany). He is member of Croma ensemble, which is devoted to chamber music for strings. He has also played with members of La Fontegara, interpreting and recording repertoire from the XVII and XVIII Centuries, with both harpsichord and fortepiano. He was founding member of the Coghlan string trio and Ensamble Acústico Arcana. Besides, he was granted a scholarship by the FONCA.

Gustavo Martín studied at the National School of Music (UNAM) with Enrique Marmissolle and Ignacio Mariscal. He completed his postgraduate studies at the Carnegie Mellon University, with Anne Martindale-Williams and David Premo. He has taken various master courses; two diplomas in chamber music with the Cuarteto Latinoamericano; and has studied violoncello with Slava Ponomarev and Mary Hellen Blossom. He obtained his PhD in interpretation from the UNAM, with a research focused on Mexican music from the XX Century for violoncello and piano.

Gustavo Martín has worked with many interpreters, such as: Juan Antonio Santoyo, Juan Carlos Laguna, Alethia Lozano, Aurelio León, Józef Olechowski, Virgina Covarrubias, María Teresa Frenk, Pablo Garibay, Eunice Padilla, Irasema Terrazas, Samantha George, Rie Watanabe, Carlos Lot, Eduardo Espinosa, Melinda Zak and Manuel Hernández. He has also premiered various chamber works (for unaccompanied violoncello, for violoncello and piano, guitar, string trio, as well as trio and piano). Composers such as Eduardo Gamboa, Enrique Santos, Kavindu (Alejandro Velasco), Lucía Álvarez and Diana Syrse have dedicated works to him.

As composer, Gustavo Martín has made music for two plays and his catalogue of compositions includes works for various chamber ensembles and vocal works. In 2005, he was granted the National University Award for Young Academicians (DUNJA) in Arts Teaching. He is Full professor at UNAM's Faculty of Music, teaching violoncello and chamber music.